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Empowering Families with CFS: One Family’s Journey

By Kira Webster, Communications Coordinator

In the realm of caregiving, this one family’s story is one of unwavering dedication. For over three decades, the mother and father have been the primary caregivers for their son, John, who has developmental disabilities. John’s journey has been filled with love and care, but as he has grown, so have his needs. These parents, like many parents in similar situations, have been patiently waiting for a solution that can provide the support John requires while allowing him to continue living at home.

Enter CFS

Enter Coordinated Family Support (CFS), a game-changing service designed for adults with developmental disabilities who choose to remain with their families. CFS was born from the collective voices of families who had been facing the challenge of limited services for their adult loved ones living at home.

A Ray of Hope

CFS is a ray of hope, offering tailored, individualized, and flexible support that adapts to the changing needs and preferences of the individual and their family. It is a lifeline that simplifies the coordination of services and supports, ensuring that the family and the adult with disabilities receive the assistance they need.

Proactive  Planning

One of the pivotal aspects of CFS is its proactive approach to planning for the future. It allows families to outline their loved one’s desires if their living situation changes, providing peace of mind and clarity in uncertain times. Moreover, CFS brings together a network of trained professionals who can work harmoniously with both the individual and their family, fostering a supportive and inclusive environment.

Holistic Care

Transportation, back-up providers, and access to additional “generic” services are also part of the CFS package, ensuring that individuals receive holistic care that respects their culture, ethnicity, and linguistic preferences. The support provided through CFS is not just a service; it’s a bridge to self-advocacy groups in the community, promoting independence and empowerment.

A New Era in Disability Services

For families like this one, CFS is a long-awaited solution that paves the way for a brighter, more supported future. With this innovative service, they can continue to provide the loving environment John needs while accessing the necessary assistance for daily activities like morning showers. Coordinated Family Support represents a significant leap forward in enriching the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities and their families, offering a profound sense of relief, security, and empowerment. This family, along with countless families across California, are on the cusp of a new era in disability services, and CFS is the guiding light leading the way.

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