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Compass Cheerleader

By Dmitri Kolpacoff

A Gift of Art

One of our clients, Pam, has been doing an incredible job these past two months with her goal of creating various art pieces to sell at an art fair put on by San Andreas Regional Center. Pam has a gift when it comes to art. Recently, Pam has been painting various window art kit sets that she purchased from a store and hopes to sell as well. Pam has an eye for drawing and painting as well. Pam has been spending quality time throughout the past few months painting. Not only is Pam doing a phenomenal job with her art, but Pam is also doing tremendously at maintaining a healthy diet and getting exercise regularly when she is out in the community with her support staff.

Baking and Cheering

Pam has also been taking two classes each quarter from the College of Adaptive Arts (CAA); in which she is taking several classes each week. Currently, Pam is learning sign language and continues to take a baking course, which Pam absolutely loves. When it comes to baking, Pam receives new recipes from her baking class and then bakes various items with her support staff during the class. In fact, the recipes that Pam learns to bake in her baking class is then shared with some of her friends that are other Compass clients. Occasionally, Pam will invite some of her friends to her home and will make them various baked goods that she has learned to make from her cooking course. In addition to her sign language and baking class, Pam is also taking a cheerleader class. Pam’s cheerleader class has live performances that she gets to participate in, which she always looks forward to.

Generous Heart

Pam has a tremendous heart that generously gives. Pam loves to open her home to other Compass clients as well. During some of the past holidays in 2022, Pam opened her home to clients who did not have family directly located in San Jose. Pam, along with her support staff, cooked lots of delicious food for her friends during the holidays. Pam easily displays the Compass value, “Generosity.” Pam is always so kind and friendly towards others and loves the conversations she has with so many of her friends. We are so grateful that Pam is part of our Compass community.

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  1. Working with Pam was wonderful. We baked lots of treats and even cooked a turkey for Thanksgiving.

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