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By. Vanessa Hogan

Overcoming Obstacles

Ida has been a Compass client for a while and has moved from our Redding location to Red Bluff and back again. She has been through many changes and medical challenges, some very difficult. It was so severe she was warned it was life-threatening if she didn’t make changes. So, Ida and her life coach have been together for over a year and since then they have been working hard to ensure Ida is living her best life. She had been having many seizures and very uncontrolled diabetes causing blackouts and making it hard to live life fully, but now that she has partnered with her LC to make changes, she is having very positive results.

Learning and Growing

She has learned to do what she needs to when her sugars drop, and the benefits are much fewer if any seizures. She is aware of how she feels and is diligent in checking her sugar levels. This allows her to do more, and now she can fulfill some of her dreams to travel. Ida kept a smile on her face and kept going. When you first meet Ida, she prefers to get to know you slowly, but then she shows you what an awesome and interesting friend she can be!

Travel Dreams

Her dream is to travel and explore the state and then the world! She enjoys shopping and was able to go to Old Sacramento to browse through the unique stores there. We hope to share many adventures with Ida and wanted you to see what a courageous and strong young woman she is. I want to thank Ida for partnering with Compass and her life coach Ashley Ward and showing us all that working together to achieve goals with a Life Coach is more fun than doing it alone. Ida is inspiring to us all and shows that even when things get tough, you can push on and it can get better.

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  1. Amazing I’m so happy for you
    Ida keep up the amazing work and I’m really proud of you great job!

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