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BTS’s Biggest Fan

By. Kaliyah Steele

Meet Elena

Elena has blessed East Bay SLS, since 2019 and is, in her own words, Cool, Friendly, and Funny. In my words, she is a welcoming face, and one of the best people to stroll around Target with! Elena has been with Compass SLS since 2019, and since then, she has made an impact on a variety of staff’s lives.


When Elena isn’t wandering around Target or picking up groceries at her local Trader Joe’s she can often be found hanging out at home, reading one of her book series and burning a bed bath and beyond candles, or playing with her neighbor’s dog. She is one of BTS’s number one fans and can give her a variety of fun facts about the whole boy band. She also has quite an impressive collection of posters of the singing group. Elena has so many posters that she ran out of room on her walls! Elena is shy at first, but when she warms up, she is happy and kind. She can remember even the smallest detail about you!

Partnership Queen

Elena’s, independence and partnership with Compass has been something to note as well, she has always been more than willing to share her staff in emergencies with a smile on her face. Elena is a beautiful representation of the client and compass partnership, as she has always done her best to remain flexible and understanding. When I am with her, we always have the most fun, often using funny accents in stores or talking about new recipes for her to try at home. She is always willing for input and guidance and never seems to stray away from suggestions.

Elena’s Growth

Elena continues to remain a strong, independent, happy person who sees the best in everyone! She is shy at first, but she is the best friend that you can have! In the future, we hope to get Elena a volunteer position at a pet shelter since she loves to play with animals! I am so proud of Eleanor and all her growth throughout the past year that I have been blessed to call her my client. Here are too many more years (and target trips) to come!

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