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Making Progress

By Dmitri Kolpacoff

Meet Ronnie

Ronald (Ronnie) recently transitioned from ILS to SLS.  We are extremely excited that Ronnie has made a successful transfer to SLS. Ronald has been a client of Compass for a long time and continues to enjoy the services he receives on a regular basis. Ronald has made great progress, particularly when partnering with his staff. After coming to SLS, Ronnie has been diligent to clean and organize his apartment with the help of his support staff, Christopher Mellen and Denny Taylor. Ronnie and his support staff have worked together to also organize items that he would like to keep directly within his home and place his other valuables within the storage unit that he rents. Ronnie was apprehensive about cleaning; however, his staff has demonstrated that Ronnie can strive for anything if he puts his mind to it. With the help of Ronnie’s support staff, Ronnie and his team also have a chore chart to ensure Ronnie and his staff are diligent to clean his apartment on a regular basis. 


Ronnie is also working towards maintaining a healthier diet. Ronnie and his team go grocery shopping at least once per week; in which Ronnie’s team can provide information and advice on what specific food would be ideal for healthy meal options. Ronnie has chosen to start eating more of a balanced diet due to his health and is seeking to make nutritious meals part of his daily routine. While Ronnie is seeking healthier meal options, he still enjoys purchasing Fruity Pebbles. In addition to choosing a healthier lifestyle when it pertains to food choices, Ronnie also enjoys going for walks at the park that is located near his apartment. 


Ronnie is also passionate about video games, Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards, and television shows. It is noticeable that Ronnie has an immense amount of knowledge about various games, and it is noticeable when Ronnie starts sharing his knowledge and love for these extracurricular activities. During Ronnie’s downtime, it is highly likely that you will find Ronnie playing a video game or watching something interesting on Netflix. Ronnie’s curiosity shines brightest when he purchases a new collection of Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards or a new video game; in which he will sometimes stay up late attempting to achieve the highest level. If you see Ronnie out in the community, please make him feel welcome to the SLS community! 

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