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Sure, Why Not?

By Anna Levine-Beard

Meet Brian

Brian loves sports. He loves baseball, basketball, hockey, and football. His favorite sports teams are the A’s and the Giants and he keeps up with all of the news and the schedules. He also really likes the Warriors, the Sharks, and the 49ers. He has a lot of sports accessories such as towels, shirts, baseball hats, and flags that he hangs proudly outside his home. 

Brian has some health issues but he doesn’t let them get him down. He’s one of the most easy-going people I’ve ever met. If he doesn’t want to do something, he’ll say “I’ll think about it”. If you suggest something that he likes, he will say “Sure why not?” 

Brian has a great memory for numbers and dates. He loves maps and atlases. If he hears about a country on the news, he will look up the country on his globe or his wall map. 

Brian loves word games, puzzles, and watching game shows on tv. His favorite game show is Wheel of Fortune but he enjoys a wide variety of current and nostalgia shows on the Game Show Network channel. He also likes Family Feud a lot. 

ILS Goals

For his ILS goals, he works with his coaches on some chores such as laundry, meal preparation, and grocery shopping. Brian loves chocolate and peanut butter ice cream. Sometimes he goes and gets that after he works on an ILS goal with his coach. Brian has exercises that his doctor gave him that he does with his coach to stay healthy and fit

Brian loves music and has 375 CDs! He loves to go for long drives and listen to music. He also has 397 DVDs. He finds it comforting to count them.

Brian has lived at his home in Santa Clara for over 35 years. Recently we’ve been working to get his home adapted to make it safer for him, such as installing grab bars. 

He likes to travel and has gone on trips to Hawaii and Florida with his mom. He also likes to go to Reno and Las Vegas!

Brian is a cancer survivor and is fully in remission. He maintains a positive attitude no matter what life throws at him. We always enjoy interacting with him and look forward to continuing to work with him on reaching his personal goals. 

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