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My Best Friend

By Tracy Bramlett

Meet Heidi and Autumn

Heidi is an ILS client that came to Compass upon opening in Ukiah. She has lived in many places and in other states but promises she will never leave the Ukiah/ Willits area. She has two daughters that are grown and are her world. Heidi has a part-time job and is also attending college classes in child development and adaptive physical education. She will earn her certificate this coming fall. Autumn is also an ILS client in Ukiah, who is very close with her family and can be somewhat anti-social on her own. She works hard on her independence goals and has a very contagious smile. 

A Foundation of Friendship

These ladies have been close friends for years now and attend every Compass and Community event together. Last year they went on retreat together with Compass at the Carville Inn. Both of them had said they wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much if they didn’t have each other on that adventure. This year, I will get the pleasure of joining these awesome ladies on retreat in September! We are so excited. The friendship that they carry is genuine and beautiful.  They talk and plan about every day. The many opportunities for community and the ongoing encouragement of friendships and relationships from and with Compass have served as a foundation for them to remain so close. In spite of various health concerns and life difficulties, Autumn and Heidi are a pleasure to be around and always keep things positive and optimistic. Both ladies have shared that without Compass in their corners, that they likely would have lost touch, living so far from one another. They would like to thank Compass for that. 

Autumn and Heidi always keep in touch with each other no matter how busy they get. Heidi sends Autumn encouraging words and sticks up for her if there’s ever an issue with other friends. And Autumn does the same. They enjoy crafting gifts and mailing greeting cards to one another as well. They also volunteer to help during events and clean up afterward. They aren’t just there for each other but they share the joy in the kindness and generosity that both of them have to offer to others as well. 

Autumn and Heidi are one example of how in the Redwood Coast we don’t just do community, we are a community!

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