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Living on His Own

By Emma Norton

Meet Matty

Matty is our youngest SLS client in the San Jose region. He just turned nineteen and has been with Compass for exactly one year. Although Matty does not have any prior experience living with SLS assistance, he has transitioned wonderfully with support from his family and life guide staff. In just a brief period, Matty has immensely increased his independence by learning new household chores, developing routines around his lifestyle, and taking time to explore new hobbies and interests with his staff. 

Living on His Own

There are so many reasons that Matty enjoys living on his own, but his favorite part of his home is having a game room all to himself. Matty is a hard-core gamer and a talented multitasker when technology is involved. It is not uncommon for Matty to watch piano lessons, learn Japanese, and surf the web on three different devices, all at the same time! However, Matty takes his video games very seriously and is enthusiastic about winning. Sometimes he will play video games against himself for a guaranteed win! Although he prefers to beat his own personal records, he won’t shy away from a challenge. Matty loves to play table tennis, basketball, and Wii games with his staff, and will most likely still win every game even when playing against another person! 

Dedicated Scholar

Aside from being a talented multitasker and gamer, Matty is also a dedicated scholar. He spends his weekdays pursuing his post-secondary education and makes frequent visits to his local Barnes and Noble store to explore new books. He is well-versed in both the piano and the cello and continues to learn more about these instruments through videos. Matty loves music and dreams of becoming a musician when he grows up. Matty has the talent, skill, and passion to make his dream a reality, and Compass will support him every step of the way!

We are so proud of Matty and everything that he has already accomplished at Compass in just one year. There is nothing that Matty cannot do when he sets his mind to something, and we can’t wait to see what his bright future holds!

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  1. Great job Matty I’m so proud of you buddy your doing amazing keep up all your goals and dreams. Reach for the sky I’m so happy for you you have accomplished so much already yay 😀 Matty! I hope I get to meet you one day .

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