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Thriving Ever Since

By Tiffany Denny

Active Members

I would like to introduce you to one of the most active members of the Compass community, Austin! Austin joined Compass in 2019 as his first SLS agency and has been thriving ever since. He loves to socialize within his living community, enjoys going to day programs, and loves his daily walks with his caregivers. When Austin is not out in the community, he loves to read the sales ads for the grocery stores, watch Sponge Bob SquarePants, and watch Christmas movies year-round. 

Austin and his caregivers are such a positive force everywhere they go- representing Compass with kindness and inclusivity within his living community. He loves his weekly walks to the park and the local Farmers Market, many times inviting a few neighbors along!

One area that I have seen Austin make significant progress in this last year is that he now shaves independently. What was once one of his least favorite parts of his morning routine, has been a way that he has grown in his independence from his caregivers. 

Growing in Independence

A few other ways that Austin has grown in his independence since joining Compass are that he now enjoys choosing his outfits each day and he likes to help prepare his lunch to take to Day Program. Austin also enjoys grocery shopping, and everything involved in it. He likes to look around his kitchen and in his refrigerator to see what he needs, read through the weekly sales ads to see what looks good and he really enjoys going to the grocery store and picking out the things that he needs for his week. His favorite place to shop is Costco because he loves flashing his card at the entrance.

Austin’s next goal is to make his bed each morning without assistance. Knowing Austin, he achieves everything he puts his mind to so I know he will soon add this to his list of accomplishments and set a new goal! I look forward to watching Austin increase his independence and gain confidence in doing so.

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