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By Cassandra Sales 


Why retreats? Community is not only one of our core values, but it is the make-up of DNA as a culture. Once a year, we are afforded the opportunity to be in the community on a grander scale through retreats. The word retreat comes from the Latin word meaning to pull back. Retreats offer the benefit of pulling back from everyday life, harnessing our energy in one direction for a few days, and are the only place where you unplug in order to recharge. 

So many people live the same week over and over and that is their life. They get up and go to work or program. They shop on the same day in the same store or have a support person do it for them. Retreats are an opportunity to put down the mundane and pick up the exhilarating. Whether you are seeking adventure, peace, encouragement, kinship, or just a little something new, retreats are a way to make all those dreams a reality.  

Come to the Campfire

Why Carrville? It is one place in a busy, diverse world where we are all equals, and we FEEL it. It’s a place where, whether you came from El Dorado Hills, Pleasanton, Fort Bragg, or just over the bend in Siskiyou County, we all belong. We all come to the campfire with the Goliaths we face in our world, and we release them because we finally believe that we have the power to overcome them. It’s the place where we create art and keepsakes that we can take home and share with our family and friends. It’s the place we learn which came first, the chicken or the egg, or maybe we don’t but we have a fun story about them anyways. It’s the place where we can sit on a porch swing and hear stories from people we otherwise would have never met and now can’t imagine a world without them. The word inspiration comes from the Latin word inspiratus which means to breathe into. Retreats at Carrville breathe into our spirits that we aren’t all so different after all, but the ways we are different make us beautiful and oh so needed in this world. 

Courage, Triumph, and Breakthrough

So, whether you are an artist, a karaoke master, a train enthusiast, a Marvel movie junkie, an athlete, a musician, or just a good friend, there is always a seat for you at the Carrville Inn fire pit. Pull up a marshmallow and share your tale of courage, triumph, and breakthrough. 

If you are struggling with any of those three things, all the more reason to come. Many hands make light work. Let us carry some of the weight of this heavy world with you. Let Carrville be the mirror, the mirror on the wall that shows you all the ways you are loved this Fall. 

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