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Meet Fred

By Mone Tate,

Meet Fred! Fred was born in Garberville, Ca, and has been living in the Ukiah area for most of his adult life.   In 2012, after 29 years of living in a very structured group-home setting,  Fred and his two lifelong friends and roommates moved into supported living where they reside to this very day. 


When Fred first arrived at SLS, he would not perform a task or make a choice or decision without asking for permission first. He did not take his own medications, he asked for permission to move about his home, and had limited community interactions 

Now in 2022, Fred has truly been able to display his independence.  He moves around his home independently from riding his stationary bike to listening to oldies music.  He received a tablet from RCRC during COVID and has learned how to use it for his enjoyment. He keeps track of his own money and monitors his own medications with minimal verbal prompting.

Fred Likes

Fred loves to ride the Skunk train and 95% of his conversation are about the Skunk train.  Fred worked on the Skunk train in his early twenties cleaning the train cars. Even with declining health, Fred loves to try new things like going to concerts, going out to eat, and riding the Skunk train whenever possible. One of Fred’s dreams was to see Johnny Mathis in person and with help from his CF, he was able to see him in concert in Santa Rosa, Ca. He is planning to attend the Compass Retreat in September.

When you meet Fred, you cannot help falling in love with him. His smile and kindness will win you over.

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