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Shining Star

By Vincent Torrence

I would like to introduce you to one of the shining stars of our ILS program, Annahita. Annahita has been a member of the Compass family for about 3 ½ years.  She is a very bright and giving person who loves people and is always looking for ways to help. Annahita is fluent in 3 languages English: Farsi and American Sign Language. Annahita has always had an independent spirit, but she has absolutely blossomed as a member of our family. 

Full of Energy

Annahita is close to her extended family and loves to travel. One of her hobbies is cooking and shopping for others. She lives in her own condo and works as a teaching assistant in a school for special needs children where she helps children with hearing disabilities participate fully in the curriculum. Annahita is full of energy and is always looking for new ways to keep herself occupied. She recently started a second job helping seniors in their homes.  Annahita is very goal-oriented and we have been there to support her in achieving those goals as she continues to grow. She has worked with her Life Coaches on being more self-confident and feeling more comfortable in being able to stand up for herself and advocate for her needs. Annahita was initially very awkward in social situations but with the help of her Life Coaches, she is growing more comfortable interacting with others. Now she is always looking for new opportunities to meet new people and share her infectious energy for life. She will even be attending one of the Compass retreats this summer at Carrville Inn where she looks forward to interacting with old friends and making new ones.

Great Progress

Annahita enjoys taking walks with her Life Coach because it not only helps her connect but also gives her a chance to work on her physical fitness. Although Annahita has made great progress, she never stops looking for ways that she can be better.  Annahita prides herself on being very capable and independent and it has been our honor to support her in those dreams as she continues to discover and follow her destiny. 

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