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Itching For Independence

By Cindy Garcia

I would like to introduce everyone to one of our most outgoing clients Cassandra, or otherwise known as Cassie. Cassie is a 38-year-old woman who transferred from Independent Living Services to Supported Living Services back in 2019. At the time of her transition, she was living in her parents` home, itching for her independence. Although she is extremely close to her family, she was beyond excited to have a place of her own. After some time, Cassie and her family finally found an apartment located in Sunnyvale. Cassie was beyond excited. She was more than ready for the transfer to happen and for her independence to begin. Little did she know, there was something else in store for her. 

Full of Life Energy

It was 2021 when I first met Cassie. It only took her one visit to remember my first and last name, which to this day she uses when approaching me. She comes into the office with her full-of-life energy asking me and everyone else she encounters her normal routine questions: what color is your toothbrush? Do you have Disney sheets?  What animal do you like?  And where is your favorite place to shop?  It is nearly impossible not to answer her questions as she waits impatiently with a huge smile on her face. The faster you answer her questions, the faster she asks you a whole new set of questions, going on and on until she stumbles upon another admin or staff. 


The vast amount of energy that Cassie has, has benefited her in her everyday life. Cassie is always moving, whether it is shopping for her home or putting that energy into something productive like school or the Special Olympics program. Currently, Cassie is taking 10 classes at College of the Adaptive Arts (CAA). YES, 10! She enjoys classes that are artistic and full of energy.  At this time, she is taking ballet, art, fitness, cheer, dance, music, film, innercise (mindfulness/zen), modeling, and music theatre. Cassie is able to make use of her creativity doing what she loves the most. It is impressive  how she remains attentive during these classes and continues her love for the Arts. We hope Cassie continues to follow her happiness in achieving everything she sets her mind to. 

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