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Choose Great

By Sadie Hess, Founder, and CEO 

Empty Tank

The tank is empty.  In more ways than one, or two, even five.  We are tired, we have less to show for our hard work, and if we are honest with ourselves, we are a little more cynical about our world.  We have had more disappointments than one can remember in such rapid-fire succession–like bullets being fired at our chest.  We just kept losing–vacations we planned, holidays with loved ones, our kids’ school and their activities, and even losing people we loved. I don’t know about you, but I feel older, frailer and none the wiser after two years of this pandemic.

It is tempting to just let go.  It is reasonable to just shrug our shoulders and say, “that’s life”.  It is convenient to be a victim of this crazy world and all the pain suffocating our very breath.  We could give up and who would blame us?  Can you really make a difference in a world that makes no sense?

Push Through

It is ok to have these thoughts and feelings.  Trust me, I have cried my tears and had my moments of despair, but we can’t relent.  We must push through to the other side even if we can’t quite see what the other side is.  We need to dare to dream, hope, give, love despite all the setbacks and confusion.

The bravest thing we can do as a community is refusing to bend to the fear and doubt all around us.  Bravery demands a step forward in defiance to doubt and helplessness.  We need to dream again.  Dreaming is the first step in every storied adventure. The first step is to see it and believe it is possible, which in this world right now, is a huge first step! Think of the great movies that inspire.  They all face adversity and somehow overcome beyond all the odds.  We are sitting in that movie right now.  We can choose to be great, or we can become a mere statistic of our dim and dreary reality.

Choose Great

I choose great.  I choose hope and dreams and new beginnings.  I wish this for everyone in our community.  Thus, we have themed our upcoming community retreats for 2022 as “dream retreats”.  We want to breathe life into these ideas—we want the bravest to step up.  We want to partner with those visions and see people step back into life and be the hero of their own story, for clients and staff alike.  We are even setting up a fund to partner with the bold in seeing their dreams step out of the shadows and become inspirations for others. We are a community of dreamers, and it is time to dream again!

Join us.

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