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Letter to Family Members

Dear Family Members and Stake Holders,

We hope this letter finds you safe and well.  With the continued spread of COVID-19, we recognize that these are unsettling and concerning days.  We want you to know that the care and safety of our clients is our top priority.  Together we are stronger than COVID!  We have an incredible team of nurses, managers, and field staff who are bringing their A-game to the situation at hand.  To our knowledge no one at Compass (staff or client) has contracted the virus.  Our focus is on prevention, awareness, and preparation for any potential outcomes.  Here are some things we are implementing:


  • We added and implemented a COVID-19 emergency action plan to every client EAP
  • We instated prevention policies in each client home. Our team of nurses is working on creating protocols, acquiring supplies, and developing training plans for our team.
  • We created a supply command center and distribution plan to ensure all clients had essential supplies (disinfectant, soap, toilet paper and gloves).
  • Our managers are doing daily phone check-ins with clients and staff.
  • Because of the “Shelter in Place” order, we have closed all offices. Our management team is still working full time and available by phone or email.
  • We have created a contingency plan should we have a client or staff member test positive for COVID-19. If you have questions regarding the contingency plan, please contact your Regional Manager.  If we have staff that need to be quarantined outside of the client home, we will be following the CDC’s protocols in those scenarios.
  • We are putting measures in place to ensure there are minimal shift exchanges among our staff

We are taking this situation very serious and doing everything in our power to make sure that our clients are happy, healthy and safe.  We are also updating our website daily with new COVID-19 Compass updates (  Among other things, you’ll find a new vlog series from Eric and Sadie regarding our values.  It’s important that we remain who we are during these times.  We encourage you to check that out.  As information continues to pour in, we will do our best to keep you updated and informed.  If you have any questions, concerns please reach out.



Sadie Hess

Sadie Hess | Founder & CEO


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  1. we are all committed to fight against this deadly virus to overcome this challenge our all cooperation and coordination are required

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