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4. Compass Renaissance | SLS Supervisor

Here we are with the 4th installment of Renaissance V-Log Updates.  If this is the first time you are hearing about Renaissance, you can watch Eric and Sadie’s previous Renaissance Post’s 1,2 & 3.   

In this update, Eric and Sadie talk about the SLS Supervisor position, formerly known as the Senior Case Facilitator position.  Questions or comments?   Drop us a line below.  Thanks for going on this journey with us and stay tuned for the next update.  

Far North Org Chart

East Bay Org Chart

South Bay Org Chart

One response to “4. Compass Renaissance | SLS Supervisor

  1. I love these V Logs!! I really hope you guys continue to do them well after the Renaissance project! I love how informative they are, and you guys don’t know it but you just had lunch with me….at least that’s what was happening in my mind while I watched it! This is so exciting! The SLS Supervisor looks like an awesome opportunity for leadership in Compass!

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