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1. Compass Renaissance | Our New Model

We’ve been throwing around the phrase ‘Compass Renaissance’ since January.  If you don’t know, Renaissance means re-birth and historically refers to the revival that took place in the 17th century (Learn more about that here).  Fast forward to this century and you’ll see that Compass has experienced major growth in the last 10 years and we can’t all fit on our bus anymore.  It’s time for an upgrade!  We need a new model & system that will support our growing community.  

 If you came to our All Hands meetings in February and May, you heard the latest update.  Eric and Sadie will be doing a series of video blogs on where we are at with the Renaissance project.  This first video talks about the new organizational model that Compass will be implementing later this year.    

Stay tuned for the next V-Log where Eric and Sadie will be breaking down the changes that are to come for the ‘Case Facilitator’ position! 

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