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My Next 40 years

By Sadie Hess

A Huge Secret

Hamlet famously uttered the immortal phrase: “To thine own self be true”.  These timeless and significant words have recently taken on an even deeper meaning and value for my life.

I am going to share with each of you a huge secret–I turned forty years old in June!  Wow! Time really does fly! (Yes, I know that is what old people say…)  I started working with people with disabilities when I was twenty years old, so I have now been in this field for half of my life.  It has been one of the “truest” decisions I have ever made.  It is true because it is hard, and it is beautiful.  I love helping people help themselves into a better life.

It is natural to reflect on your life and on your choices when a monumental birthday rolls around, and I have done just that.  Know what I have found?  I really love my life.  I love working with people with disabilities, and I love my amazing team who labor selflessly day in and day out.  I love partnering with my husband.  I love this company that we have all built together.  We have done something here we all should be really proud of—we aren’t perfect, but we love well.

The More It Costs You the More You Love It

However, just because you love something, doesn’t mean it is easy.  In fact, often times, the more it costs you, the more you love it—because you have to choose to love it.  My path has blessed me dearly, but it has also cost me dearly.  Doing what you love costs: money, time with family, sleep–just to name a few.  If it were free to follow passion, everyone would do it. Everyone would sign up for pursuing destiny if all it meant was getting up in the morning and putting on some shoes.  Living out purpose and destiny means walking out the door.  It means being willing to succeed. It means being willing to fail. But most likely, it will involve both.  You will fail and succeed, but each time you will have to steely choose to get up the next day and do it all again.  I am so grateful I have made that choice, not once, but everyday for the past twenty years.

I have a saying on my wall at home:  “Success is getting up one more time than you fall.”  Falling means trying.  Falling means working hard to see your dreams and destiny happen–seeing YOU happen.  So, go fall into your destiny.  That is what I am choosing to do for the NEXT forty years!

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