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Who We Are: Freedom & Generosity

By Mary Flom

Expression of our Core

Freedom and Generosity are an expression of our CORE (Faith and Honor).  Because our core is grounded in deep conviction and integrity of character, we naturally want to give to others and make space for people to be themselves wholly and freely.  

In the everyday, freedom typically manifests itself in “choices.”  One of the privileges of providing SLS & ILS services to our clients is we help them navigate a world where THEY get to make their own choices.  Freedom is giving room not only make those choices, but walk those choices out completely.  That means  in the fun times and especially in the not so fun times.  We all have to deal with the “mess” that our choices sometimes create. Freedom Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 1.42.03 PMdoes not mean you have permission to make messes wherever you go, it means that when you do make messes, you have people around you that want to support you as you clean those up and learn from them.   Our goal is not to surround ourselves with perfect people who never blow it, but the hope is that we are all working towards becoming better versions of ourselves. 

Kick Me

Generosity is one of those things that always kicks me in the pants in the best way.   I think out of all of our values, it is the one that is most tangibility expressed.   On a weekly basis, I am filled with gratitude and humbled by the level of generosity that we operate in.  We are a company filled with givers; people who would rather give than receive.  People who lavishly and unselfishly give of their time, resources, and love. 

 I love generosity because no matter what I have, there is always something I can give away.  I recently received an email from one of our leaders.  The purpose of her email was simply to bless me with encouragement. The timeliIMG_1038ness of her word gift and the thoughtful things she wrote were powerful.  The best part about it was I didn’t ask for it or even see it coming!  Her generosity filled my bucket in a big way and I know she’s not expecting anything in return.  This is what I am talking about!  I’m so fortunate to live in this culture!

Marinate In The Positive

When it comes to generosity, sometimes it is good to marinate yourself in all the positive things that you have going for you.  It’s filling up your bucket through thankfulness.  Why do this?  Because when we remind ourselves of everything we DO have, it stirs something in us to give back because we know we have more than enough.  

Can you think of moments or times where you have been on the receiving end of generosity or have you ever watched someone’s life impacted because they are walking in freedom?  If you haven’t, take a look around you.  Slow down and be intentional by filling yourself up with those positive experiences.  I’m confident it won’t be long before you see it all around you because it is!

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