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A Compass Family

By Eric Hess

One of the missions my wife and I pursue in our leadership of Compass is to not create a company, a business, or a social service agency, but to create a family.  You may be thinking, “I’ve heard that before”, or “How nice, but, whatever,” but Sadie and I really feel this way.  Let me explain.

One of the ways families–healthy families–function is that they surround and support each other’s dreams, especially those dreams that have nobility and love at their core.  Once again, we have the opportunity to do that for one of our own.  Brooke Patmor, a long time CSS in our Redding office, is leaving us to move to the other side of the planet, becoming a teacher and missionary to orphaned children in Thailand.  Many of these kids are victims of abuse and other things too horrible for me to write about.  Brooke is moving there to be with them for a long time.  Maybe permanently.  Of course we are sad to see her leave; she’s such a sweet and fun person.  But we are excited for her new adventure.

And now as a family we have an opportunity to partner with Brooke and send her out with encouragement and blessing.  She needs prayer and more prayer, both for safety and provision.  She also needs, well, us to give her money.  Most of us will never have the opportunity to do what Brooke is about to do, but we do have the chance to invest in her life and the lives of those she’ll touch.  She needs to raise a solid monthly sum to pay for both her living expenses and the expenses of her ministry activities.  Sadie and I have already committed to give to her monthly for as long as she’s over there.  I challenge all members of our community to do the same.  Whether you give $1 per month or $100 per month, any gift you make will make a difference in a child’s life, and it will tell Brooke that you are with her while she’s on her adventure!  Read more and donate at

I hope this doesn’t offend any of you.  Naturally, that’s not my intent.  But when a loved one takes an adventure, especially for the sake of someone else, we need to get behind them.  This is what loving families do.

Go get em, Brooke.  We’re proud of you.

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