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Zest For Life

By Emily Simino

Meet Debbie

An incredibly fun, intelligent, kind, and hilarious client here in the East Bay! Debbie has been with Compass for three years now and has grown a lot in that time. Debbie is a lifelong resident of San Leandro and loves getting out in her community. Debbie makes friends anywhere she goes and is well known by neighbors and businesses in the area. Don’t be surprised if you get stopped for conversations and old friends say hello to her when you go out. 


One of Debbie’s favorite activities in the world is playing Bingo! You can find her at her local bingo hall most weekends with the hopes of winning big. Bingo is also an East Bay favorite amongst our clients, and we play at most of our office parties. Debbie is always excited to be the Bingo caller for the day and gets a lot of enjoyment out of seeing other Compass clients take part in one of her favorite games as well. Debbie is a regular at most Compass events and is always the life of the party! 

Her Garden

When Debbie is not out in her community, spending time with loved ones or at the Bingo Hall, you can find her at home tending to her garden! Debbie has started growing various fruits, vegetables, and flowers in her front yard and has developed quite a talent for agriculture. She is especially proud of how her tomatoes are coming in this season and is excited to share them with her friends and staff. It brings Debbie a lot of joy to see her hard work come to fruition and be able to enjoy it with those she cares about. This has also helped Debbie to stay healthy as she is growing her own organic produce. Healthy living is an ongoing goal for Debbie, and she has done a great job at finding ways to stay active! Debbie is enrolled at her local community college, Chabot, and takes swimming and exercise courses whenever she can. 

Debbie’s zest for life and incredible sense of humor has taught me to enjoy life as it comes and to always live in the moment! 

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