Providing services for adults with disabilities.

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Before every retreat, our leaders will attend a leader launch meeting where we will give you logistical information regarding your retreat.

Who is invited

Retreat leaders, the RM of the region attending, the ILS Manager (if ILS clients are attending), and the events team.

We will Cover

We will do a brief run-through of the agenda but you will need to familiarize yourself with the agenda ahead of time.  We will go over who is attending the retreat and what you may need to know.  We will cover the transportation plan and answer any questions you may have.


Remember, one of the roles of our leaders is driving!  If you are leading a trip, you will likely be asked to drive a passenger van or wheelchair van. You are responsible for making sure there is a plan for picking up/dropping off the van and reporting any issues with the vehicle to Danette: 530-276-5657.

As leaders, you will need to make sure the van is returned in good condition (clean and free of trash). There will be a hand vac and wipes for you to use to clean the inside of the van upon returning to the Compass office. You can ask everyone on retreat to help clean before being picked up, if you’d like. You also need to make sure it’s filled up with gas before returning it. There is a gas card in the glove box and you can leave the gas receipt there after filling up.

There is a lot of coordinating that happens when it comes to making sure people arrive at the pickup location on time and have rides home when they return from Carrville.  The ILS Manager or CF is responsible for making sure there is a plan in place for their clients.

Registration and Attendees

You do not have to wait until the leader launch meeting to learn who is attending your retreat.  This information is sent out in our weekly retreat registration updates.  A great way to familiarize yourself with the clients attending your retreat is to read the client profile pages found in the G-drive.