Providing services for adults with disabilities.

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Aaron Zint

What positions have you had at Compass? What is your current role? I began as a CSS (Community Service Specialist). I was later promoted to the Team Leader position, then into…

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Alex is one of our Compass veterans, having started with Compass in mid-2012. At the time, Alex was living in a residential care home and dreaming about moving into his...

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Andrew 3-2500px


Andrew is an amazing human being with tons of potential and a list of accomplishments already behind him at the age of 24. After graduating high school, Andrew studied for...

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Andrew Heiligenthal

What positions have you had at Compass? What is your current role? ILC (Independent Living Services Life Coach) and Case Facilitator. What year did you come work at Compass? 2011 What…

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Craig St. Clair

What positions have you had at Compass? What is your current role? CSS (Community Service Specialist) and then a Team Leader What year did you come work at Compass? 2011 What is…

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How many of you can remember your first apartment and the thrill of moving out into the community? If you're like me, you might recall how exciting it was to...

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Kim is a wonderfully life filled young lady with Downs Syndrome, in her early 30s. She is detailed, intentional, and meticulous and cares about how her world functions and how...

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Michael is an amazing and courageous soul. Three years ago he actually was featured in our newsletter as one of the most memorable articles his ILS Manager, Cassandra, has ever...

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Michele Gilbertson

What positions have you had at Compass? Independent Living Services Life Coach, Independent Living Services Manager, and Senior Independent Living Services Manager What is your current role? Senior Independent Living Services Manager What year did you come…

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Mike’s has been an ILS client at Compass for almost 5 years. Mike has always been up for an adventure and is a regular at all of our retreats and...

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Nicole 1


Nicole has been a cherished member of the Compass family since June 2002 (almost 20 years!). She is a loving, caring, intelligent, and humorous young lady. My first thought when...

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We have all heard the phrase “life of the party”. That phrase has never been truer that when we talk about Pablo. Pablo is flamboyant, energetic individual that has so...

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Roy Galos

What positions have you had at Compass? What is your current role? On-Call specialist (something we had a long time ago); then a CSS (Community Service Specialist) and then a…

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Sandra 2-2500px


Compass takes pride in its ability to respond to community service needs. Over the past few years, the state’s Department of Developmental Services has identified a disparity in service provision...

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As a young two-year-old, I was abused by my biological mom physically, and I was sexually abused by her boyfriend until I was four years old. Then, I was taken...

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