Providing services for adults with disabilities.

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ILS Written Interview Questions

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I hereby certify that I have completed the written questions provided in this application solely on my own, without assistance from any external sources or individuals. I affirm that the responses reflect my own thoughts, ideas, and experiences. I understand that any misrepresentation or plagiarism may result in the rejection of my application.(Required)
You are an ILS Life Coach and you have recently filled in for a teammate coaching their client during the coach’s vacation. While there, you saw some problems and made some critical changes that may benefit the client. Some of your fellow coaches agree with this action and some do not. One of them expresses criticism about this idea to your supervisor. Which of the following actions would best represent your next step? Select one.(Required)
You’ve worked with your ILS client for a long time on his goal to get his driver’s license. Progress has been slow due to their struggle with reading and comprehension. Your client has become anxious about never reaching this goal and now wants to give up. Which of the following would best represent your next action? Select one,(Required)
You have been working with Compass for a year as an ILS Life Coach. You are interested in advancing in the company. Which of the following would best represent your next action? Select one.(Required)