Providing services for adults with disabilities.

(530) 242-8580

Cleaning Checklist

  • Towels left in the bathrooms
  • Sweep kitchen and dining room
  • Wash dishes
  • Don’t strip the beds
  • Please put back any furniture that you moved inside and outside
  • Make sure to start the dishwasher before you leave if it has dirty dishes in it
  • Any mats and rollaway need to be left where they were

Care of the Inn

  • It’s “vintage” so please tread softly
  • Be flexible when needed to accommodate everyone
  • Clean up and please be careful with paint, etc



You can go see the chickens (check with the caretakers before you do!) but the gate must be kept closed.  You are welcome to collect the eggs.

Make sure gate to the barn is closed and latched (the lever goes over and slides into two holes in the post and there is a metal latch that falls down behind it- please check it to make sure)This also goes for any gate inside the barn area. IF YOU OPEN A GATE, CLOSE IT! 



You will have a starter box of kindling and wood to start your campfire.  No bonfires meaning don’t let the fire get too big.  You will need to make sure the fire is out before you leave for the night.  There is a hose in the area if you need it.  S’mores sticks will be located with the s’mores stuff.



Only allowed at the gazebo by the pool or by the fire pit


Horseshoes and Volleyball Net

Both are available on the grounds



Please follow directions regarding trash posted in the kitchen.  Trash will be collected nightly.  Please use the bucket labeled “grounds” for coffee grounds and use the slop buckets for leftover food (says on it what can be put in there- no meat leftovers).


Air Conditioning

The thermostats are on the 2nd floor by the stairs and on the 1st floor by the bar.  If you have the AC running, make sure to keep the doors/windows closed.



This is not part of the Carrville Inn property.  Please be respectful of this area and do not walk on gravesites.


Walkie talkies

Four walkie talkies will be available for leaders to use for communication. They will be in the suite where leaders are staying and there is a charger to keep them charged.    You can also give one to a staff staying in the cabin for easier communication.


Ending your camp well

As leaders, you will need to make sure the van is returned in good condition (clean and free of trash). There will be a hand vac and wipes for you to use to clean the inside of the van upon returning to the Compass office. You can ask everyone on camp to help clean before being picked up, if you’d like. You also need to make sure it’s filled up with gas before returning it. There is a gas card in the glove box and you can leave the gas receipt there after filling up.

Also remember to submit your photos here:


Carrville Room Layout

Click to view the layout of the Main house and cottage

Meet the Caretakers

The caretakers are Andy and Margie.  Margie will be checking in with leaders every night and providing any assistance if needed.  If you need assistance and don’t see the caretakers out and about, you can check the 5th wheel that is past the garage.

If you are unable to locate the caretakers for immediate assistance, call Brandon at 530.524.6425

 In case of a true emergency, use the landline to call 911.  In case you need it, the landline number is 530.266.3000.


 WIFI Internet

WIFI: Carrville Guest

PW: WelcomeHome

Please no streaming.  You are in the mountains, so the internet is going to be slow.

Please do not give password to clients and only give to staff if for work-related use.

Location of the Inn

Travel to Carrville

We recommend all vehicles traveling to Carrville travel in a caravan.

Address: 581 Carrville Loop Road, Trinity Center, CA 96091

What’s Close

Trinity Center General Store

If you need something last minute, the closest “store” is in Trinity Center.  It’s about 10 minutes from Carrville Inn.  Keep in mind this is a very small store with minimal options.