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How many of you can remember your first apartment and the thrill of moving out into the community? If you're like me, you might recall how exciting it was to venture out and begin making your own decisions. Let me introduce to you someone who is doing just that. James is a brilliant young man...

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Kim is a wonderfully life filled young lady with Downs Syndrome, in her early 30s. She is detailed, intentional, and meticulous and cares about how her world functions and how others receive her. She greatly values commitment, longevity and loyalty in her staff. She came to be an SLS client for Compass in January of...

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Nicole 1


Nicole has been a cherished member of the Compass family since June 2002 (almost 20 years!). She is a loving, caring, intelligent, and humorous young lady. My first thought when I think of Nicole, is her love for the color purple! Nicole wears purple shirts, uses a purple pen, and loves her purple lotion from...

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We have all heard the phrase “life of the party”. That phrase has never been truer that when we talk about Pablo. Pablo is flamboyant, energetic individual that has so much kindness; it’s hard not to be pulled into his persona when you are near him. Pablo moved just last year from Sacramento and has...

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As a young two-year-old, I was abused by my biological mom physically, and I was sexually abused by her boyfriend until I was four years old. Then, I was taken away and put in a foster home, which was a good home. I stayed there until the age of 10 years old. I ended up...

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