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7 Keys To A Successful 24 Hour Shift

By Mary Flom This line of work can make for some pretty long days!  When I first started working at Compass, I went through a bit of a culture shock.  I had to get use to the long hours and the changing schedule.  I eventually found a rhythm that worked for me.  Here are some…

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Connection in Communication

Communication. Communication.  This one word is so powerful and we all know how it can dictate outcomes, affect the quality of our lives and how it can make us feel. There is a lot of research on communication.  Even though many of us have had training on the topic of communication, it still feels like…

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2. Compass Renaissance | Case Facilitator

It’s time for another Renaissance update.  If you are just tuning in to this process, don’t start here…go to the first V-LOG here and then come back.   This update is going to focus on the Case Facilitator Position and what it will look like in the future.  

Medication Month: Why So Much Paper?

May is Medication Month!  Join us as we celebrate Medication Management and take a deeper look into the in’s and out’s of Medications.  Who says Medication Management isn’t fun? Do you ever wonder why we have you fill out paperwork and we want it to be exact? Well, have you ever played Telephone? It’s when…

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