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Sheri Wittmer

ILS Manager, Shasta County

Currently, I am serving as an ILS manager in Shasta County where I oversee a team of life coaches and their clients. I became a part of the Compass family in 2012, shortly after our family relocated from the Midwest to Redding. When it came time to find a job in my new town, I knew working with people with disabilities was a natural fit for me after nearly 30 years of caring for our daughter, Allison, who was born with Angelman Syndrome. My first job at Compass was in SLS, but when an opening in ILS became available 6 months later, I joined the team. This is where my passion was ignited for all the possibilities available to our clients and how we as coaches could partner with them to see their dreams realized.

I also carry a very strong desire to see people live vibrant and healthy lives. This passion has led me to pursue further education in nutrition and natural health. I hold 2 certifications: one as a Certified Nutritional Consultant from The Global College of Natural Medicine and the other as a Certified Health Coach from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Compass has welcomed that passion by allowing me opportunity to integrate nutrition into our company’s culture.

I feel privileged to do what I do each day and especially, grateful for the people with whom I get to do it. Compass is family, plain and simple. When I’m not with my Compass family, I thoroughly enjoy spending time whipping up healthy meals to enjoy with my husband, Jeff, our grown children and adorable granddaughter.