Providing services for adults with disabilities.

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Joe Brewer

SLS Supervisor, Redwood Coast

I am honored to be the SLS Supervisor in the Redwood Coast Region. I have the benefit of partnering with the Regional Manager, the wonderful team of Case Facilitators, the faithful team of field Life Guides, and all other regions. My mission at Compass is to provide as many individuals as possible an opportunity to achieve a life worth living.

After getting my bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Psychology, I explored many avenues of professional work in Corporate America: logistics, sales, management, and recruitment. I finally came to Compass as a Life Guide in the field giving direct support to our clients in 2020. I have been honored with leadership opportunities as a Case Facilitator and SLS Supervisor. As my responsibilities and leadership grows, the heart of what we do does not change. I love helping individuals live dreams, instead of just wishing they come true.