Providing services for adults with disabilities.

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There will be a safety binder available for leaders at the camp along with a general first aid kit and safety supplies.  If you encounter a safety issue that you do not know how to solve, contact your RM, supervisor, or appropriate leader for additional support. Here are the safety items available:

  • Safety information binder
  • Gloves
  • First Aid Kit
  • Thermometer


The cabin is wheelchair accessible as well as the first floor of Carrville Inn.  The cabin is equipped with a wheelchair ramp (rails installed in 2022), a wheelchair-accessible bathroom, and bedrooms.  Other equipment available: Hoyer lift, toilet riser, and shower bench.  If your client is attending and needs additional equipment or you are concerned that the equipment provided may not be a fit, please ask questions and communicate the needs to we can accommodate.

General Safety

If going off property for some reason, inform a leader

    • Stay close and inform a leader if you go for a walk
    • Stay out of the cemetery
    • You are sharing spaces- be considerate
    • If you see someone who needs help, offer to help
    • Please bring:
      • Flashlights
      • Umbrellas
      • Bug spray, sunblock

Pool safety

  • Staff must be present, make sure someone knows you are planning to swim
  • Keep gate closed
  • Walk and be careful in the area
  • Use the pool towels provided
  • No diving