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Client Readiness

As a manager, we are counting on you to make sure your client is prepared for their trip.  Do they know what to pack?  Is there a plan in place for meds?  Do they know where to be and when to travel to Carrville?  You don’t have to be the one to communicate.  You can ask your staff to assist in the process but we do need you to be responsible for making sure it happens. If a client or staff wants to drive separately, that would need to be approved ahead of time. Please talk to your RM and to Kira.


Part of the “camp” experience is cooking meals together.  We have put together a menu for this retreat with unique themes for lunches and dinners.  You can find themes here.

If you are the meal coordinator, you will be responsible for facilitating the meals.  This means understanding ahead of time how meals are prepared, how the kitchen is organized, what the meal prep schedule is and where to find things. We recommend you assign volunteers to help prep for each meal.  You can find the full menu and directions here.

  • Meal Prep: Meal prep instructions will be in a binder in the kitchen at Carrville. Meal ingredients will be posted on the glass fridges in the kitchen and organized by meal.
  • Water: Everyone is encouraged to use the Compass water bottle provided to them or their own reusable water bottle. They can fill up their water bottles with purified water from the spigot in the kitchen (it is labeled).
  • Dishes: As leaders, you can decide to use the regular dishes or paper products for meals, or a combination of both. Paper products can be found in the hallway by the kitchen.
  • Clean-Up: Assign different groups to meal prep and clean up.  We included a sign-up spot on the large agenda in the kitchen area.  You can volunteer people or ask them to sign up themselves.

Dietary Needs

Every attendee is asked if they have any specific dietary needs.  We will do our best to accommodate each of these needs as best as we can.  This will be something we go over with leaders prior to their retreat. We also have meal details available to attendees ahead of time (on our website) so they can make a plan if they want something other than what is provided for different diets.

If you are a CF or ILSM and you are unsure if we are aware of a dietary need your client may have, please communicate with Kira:


Every retreat attendee (client, staff, and leader) will be given a tote bag with a t-shirt and water bottle hat.  These bags will be distributed at the start of the retreat.  Retreat leader’s shirt will be a different color than regular attendees.  If you have questions about swag, contact Alyssa –


Breakfast each morning will be continental style with the following items: 

  • Yogurt, Cereal, English Muffins, Pastries,, Fruit, Milk, Orange Juice, Creamer, Eggs, Pancake Mix, Syrup and Sausage/Bacon

Incredibles Dinner:

  • Dash’s dinner rolls
  • Elasta Girl Mac N Cheese
  • Mr. Incredibles Power Balls (chicken nuggets)
  • Secret Sauce
  • Violet’s veggies
  • Dessert: Frozen popsicles

Click here to view the meal instructions 

Moana Lunch:

  • Stitches sliders: Hawaiian Rolls, Pulled pork
  • Pineapple
  • Sweet kale  salad
  • Hawaiian chips
  • Dessert: Moon Pies

Click here to view the meal instructions 

Lady and Tramp Dinner:

  • Spaghetti and meatballs
  • Caesar Salad
  • Dinner Rolls
  • Dessert: Smores

Click here to view the meal instructions 

Mickey and Friends Lunch:

  • Mickey Burgers & all the toppings
  • Pluto’s corn dogs
  • Goofy’s grapes
  • Minnie’s French fries
  • Dessert: Donald’s delicious cookies

Click here to view the meal instructions 

Encanto Dinner:

  • Chicken Tamales
  • Bean and Cheese Papusas
  • Beans and Rice
  • Avocado Ranch  Salad
  • Dessert: Churro Chips, Flan

Click here to view the meal instructions 

Frozen Sack Lunch:

  • Uncrustables and Lunchables
  • Olaf’s nose carrots & individual hummus
  • Applesauce
  • Chips
  • Flavored water bottles

Click here to view the meal instructions