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Appreciation Culture

By Melanie Anderson Appreciation is one of our basic human needs and though it is a simple term, it has a magnitude of depth to it.  Compass has been learning…

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Compass in Redwood Coast!

by Melanie Anderson Compass is very excited to introduce you to our newest region: Redwood Coast.  As of this writing, Compass is serving 5 people in Supported Living in Fort…

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Day of the Deaf

by Melanie Anderson Deaf Awareness Week September 24, 2018 is the start of Deaf Awareness Week and during the month of September, many organizations hold activities to celebrate and to…

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Gratitude: The Art of Thankfulness

Pain and Loss Even though my parents raised my siblings and myself to be thankful for our many blessings, I did not truly understand the concept of gratitude until I…

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Connection in Communication

Communication. Communication.  This one word is so powerful and we all know how it can dictate outcomes, affect the quality of our lives and how it can make us feel….

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