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Janice’s Free Little Library


The weekend is such a glorious time. We can rest, get caught up, adventure or do anything we want to rejuvenate ourselves. Until one minute you blink and it’s not Friday anymore it’s now 7pm on a Sunday and you’ve binge watched Netflix, know all the latest Facebook drama, and did absolutely nothing productive. Been there, done that, probably will do it again soon. Our weeks can blur together and pretty soon it’s March and you’re thinking what the heck happened to Winter? We become so overwhelmed with life that we aren’t proactive about ensuring we have the one thing that we need to thrive in life: Connection.

If connection were Iron, our world would be anemic. But, how can that be? Social media is everywhere. We know what Bob had for breakfast, the shirt Alex just bought from Ross for $7, and that Peggy Sue is on her 4th boyfriend in as many months. We know everyone’s business! How are we lacking in connection? Connection is an action. It is not something done passively through the scrolling of a phone. Connection is a force that requires two active participants. So, while you may believe that you are building connection scrolling through “liking” and commenting on posts, you indeed are passively letting life pass you by.


Unless of course, you are Janice Crawford. Janice is a pretty amazing human. She volunteers her time driving the hospital van for patients to get to and from appointments, she’s a loving compassionate mom, and one of Janice’s best qualities is when she sees a need she meets it!

Recently, I had the privilege to be a part of an amazing project called the Learning Institute where the founder of the “Free Little Library” gave a presentation. When asked who might be a good partner for this project, Janice was my top choice. She loves her community and this was just another way she could be a blessing to it.

The “Free Little Library” arrived at our office in Yreka several months ago and Janice not only picked it up by herself – she assembled it to where Bob Vila himself would be pretty darn proud! But, what is the free little library? It’s a place where people can come get books and/or leave a book. It’s a way to help unprivileged children have access to books, let the little old lady down the street have a new literary adventure, and it’s a way to build connection. Just like the rest of life and social media it could be easy to passively let the free little library exist.

Builder of Community

But, not if you’re Janice. If you’re a builder of community, and an advocate for connection, you create something magical. Janice has spent much of her time finding the needs of the neighborhood. She knows what books others are looking for, and she actively replenishes her stock through donations regularly.

Janice in just a few short months has helped children find a new favorite story, has helped ladies find that perfect romance novel, but above all else she has built connection amongst her neighborhood. Every action we take towards connection creates a better tomorrow. And, tomorrow looks pretty darn bright because of Janice!

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