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Seasons of Change

by Glory Eshareturi

Summer is coming to an end! With Labor Day having come and gone, the season of fun-in-the-sun is nearing its official end. Don’t worry, there will still be time for BBQs and trips to the pool, but the changing of seasons is unavoidable.

It happens every year. Time goes on and the weather changes. Nature moves from one season to the next like clockwork. Change also seems to be a constant in our own lives. Friends come and go, family moves away, and even we change over time. Sometimes many things are changing all at once and the word “transition” fills the air like a snowstorm. But what can be done about it? No matter how hard you try, you can’t stop the clock. You can take out the batteries, but the reality is that time continues to move on. So what can we do? How can we deal with change and “transition” in a healthy way?

Recognize what’s happening and don’t deny it.

Like I said before, you can take the batteries out of a clock, but that doesn’t mean time will stop. It just means your clock will be wrong until you choose to make it right. One important thing to do in the midst of change is to acknowledge it. Many of us dislike change and transition, but it’s important to recognize what is happening and not live in denial. Once you recognize what is going on in the world around you, you can reconcile how you are responding to it in the world within you.

Honor your feelings and give them a voice.

We all have responses in our hearts and minds to what is going on around us. If your best friend is moving away, or you’re moving to a new place and away from the home you grew up in, those can be sad events. It is important to honor those feelings of sadness. Sometimes we think it would be easier to ignore those feelings and just move on with life. The truth is that by recognizing those feelings, you’re actually setting yourself up to be healthier in the season that is coming. When you give your feelings a voice by accepting them, you are allowing them to be felt, getting them out of your system, and moving into a new space with a fresh perspective. While it is important to recognize these feelings, it’s even more important not to get stuck in them! One of the healthiest things you can do is recognize negative feelings, accept them, then choose to look towards the positive.

Think positively and find something to look forward to.

When seasons change it is hard to let go of the old and dive right in to the new. In the process of letting go of some old things, it can be helpful to think of some new things to look forward to. If you’re moving to a new place, you’ll be sad to leave the old, but what are some things you can be excited about in the new? More space? New ways to decorate? There is always something good to look forward to in the middle of change and transition. When you can think positively it gives you a fresh perspective and allows you to dream in ways you couldn’t before.

What are some positive ways you have learned to deal with change? Let us know in the comments!

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