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The Importance of Friendship

By Glory Eshareturi

National Friendship Day is upon us!

Is friendship really that important? We all know what it is like to be lonely, even sometimes while having friends around. In spite of this, there are many positive reasons to have friends in your life. They may be more beneficial to your well-being than you think!

Friends keep us healthy

Did you know that good friendships are important to your emotional, physical, and mental health? Having good friends can help to keep us strong in both our bodies and our minds. Many believe that having good friends is just as important as good physical health! A recent study even showed that having strong friendships is important to good brain health! Beneficial friendships are a key to healing from health issues and diseases more quickly. Some of our dearest friends are the ones we can have the most fun with! Friends usually make you laugh and we all know the saying “laughter is the best medicine.” When we spend time laughing with our good friends, we are happier overall! And we all know how beneficial positivity can be!


Friends provide support

All of us go through hard times. Not every day is filled with laughter and sometimes there are struggles and disappointments in life that make it difficult to stay positive. Friends are important to have around in good and bad times. When things aren’t going well, friends are there to support you and encourage you. They see you in your best and worst times and are some of your greatest sources of support. They know what you are capable of achieving and they will be your number one fans and cheerleaders as you reach for your goals. When you achieve the very things you’ve been struggling hard to attain, your friends are the ones who will celebrate with you!


Friends help us grow.

We’ve all heard of a bad influence, and while there are people who can sometimes fall into this category, a true friend can be a good influence and a benefit to our lives. Our friends can often be people of different experiences and backgrounds who see the world differently than we do. These people help us grow into more well-rounded individuals. No matter what, we are all influenced by our friends and they can help us grow in some amazing ways! When your friends are generous, kind, and positive people, you can be sure that some of those same traits will rub off on you! The same goes for the people who call you a friend. The characteristics that you bring to the table can also help your friends grow.


What are some of the ways your friends have enriched your life? Comment below!

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