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Celebrating S’mores Day!

It’s S’mores Day! Hopefully if you’re reading this you know what a s’more is. If not, here’s a short, informative video:

Here are some fast facts about S’mores!

  1. Did you know the first known s’mores recipe was published in a Girl Scout Handbook in 1927? At that time they were called “some mores” ! 
  2.  Craving s’mores but lacking the campfire? S’mores can be made a variety of different ways! Click for a recipe for microwave s’mores
  3. There are so many different varieties of s’mores! Substituting graham crackers for cookies, or the chocolate for Reese’s cups. The marshmallow part seems to be non-negotiable.
  4. S’mores have been adopted as a flavor which can be found in ice cream, pop tarts, or cereal! 
  5. There are entire cookbooks dedicated to s’mores! So find one for yourself and get cracking on celebrating this holiday!
Happy National S’mores day! How will you celebrate??

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