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Decisions, Decisions…

by Glory Eshareturi

Decisions, decisions. There are so many different decisions that we all make every single day. What do I want to wear today? What should I eat? Where should we go? Decision making is a part of life. There are decisions that are smaller and don’t have large recurring consequences, like when we decide what shoes to put on in the morning, but there are others that can have a much larger impact on our lives. Those are the kinds of decisions that can be really pressing. The kind that keep us up at night from time to time. It’s easy to say, “Everyone has those decisions to make.” but it’s not quite as easy making them! While we all know it’s not easy, here are 3 things you can do to make the process a little smoother.

Think Ahead

When I have a big decision to make, it’s important for me to think ahead. What that means is taking the time to think about how something will affect my future. I recently heard an amazing but concise quote which says: “Will this matter in 5 years?” If I can look at something that’s taking a lot of my time or energy and realize that the decision I’m trying to make is about something that will not matter much in five years, I’m much less likely to worry about it.

If I can see that something is going to be important and potentially change the outcome of the rest of my life, then it’s something I will take more time to think about and consider. Thinking ahead is all about trying to visualize how life works out if you make a decision one way as opposed to the other. For example, say you are making the decision whether or not to move to a new place or to stay where you are. If all you see in the place where you are is an unhealthy environment and terrible relationships, then it makes for a pretty clear choice! If you can think ahead and see bad things only getting worse, it makes sense to want to move somewhere that you can have healthy relationships and community.

Get Advice

We all know how important it is to have supportive people around. That’s what great community is all about! While decision making can be tough one way to make it easier is to get some advice! Sometimes it’s nice to just talk about what is going on and what your challenges are in the decision making process. When you get to connect with someone about what you’re up against, they may be able to help you see things from a different perspective. They might even have gone through a similar process and can tell you how it worked out for them. All these things combined leads to a better informed decision for you, and some support along the way, which is always nice!

Listen to Your Heart

This point may seem to counteract the last point, but hear me out! No one knows you better than you! You are an individual and you can make your own choices. While it is 100% true that it’s great to have input and community around you to help you make decisions and to give you advice, listening to your own instincts and heart is one of the greatest things you can do. Sometimes we know deep down exactly what decision we need to make that will be best for us. It is not always easy, but listening to your instincts is a good tool for choosing the best decision for you in the long run.

What are some of your methods for making a good decisions? Which of these did you resonate with the most? Let us know in the comments!

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